DLJ Playlist #1

delia langan jewelry playlist image

A lot of the music I find is from DJ sets, which are basically a compilation of different songs selected and reworked by a DJ.  These sets are usually anywhere from 45 minutes to up to 4 hours long.  They are great for several reasons : first, it gets us into the zone while we're working because they're carefully selected songs with similar vibes (which means we never have to get up from our workbenches to change the music in the storefront).  Second, there's no pause between songs which can be awkward for customers while they're shopping.  Finally, it introduces you to a ton of new songs and artists (the Shazam app comes in handy).

Here's a playlist of just a few of our favorite songs that we play in (and out of) the jewelry shop.  At the bottom I've included one of my favorite long sets by Crussen.  It's super easy to play while you're working or just hanging out, and it gives you a LOT of new music.