How do I clean my jewelry?

Great question - this is Delia’s favorite thing to talk about!  Here are some blog posts with step by step guides to how to clean your jewelry.

What's the best way to travel with my jewelry so it doesn't get damaged or tangled?

You should store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.  Always re-clasp your necklaces after you take them off.  It helps to hang your necklaces 

What is gold filled?  Is it the same as gold plate?

Gold filled is different from solid gold and from gold plate.  Gold filled is a thick layer of gold that through heat and pressure has been bonded to a base metal core.  This is different from gold plate, which only contains a microscopic layer of gold that is painted on that will eventually wear off.  For more information on different types of metals, check out our guide to jewelry metals :

Will my gold wear off eventually?

Nope!  We only use high quality 14k gold fill, which (unlike gold plate) will never wear off. You can learn more about what gold filled is here :

What is Argentium silver?

Argentium silver is AWESOME.  It’s a higher quality alloy (basically the scientific term for “version) of sterling silver   You can learn more about what gold filled is here

Can I get my jewelry wet?

That’s a complicated question, but we have some answers for you on this blog post here