What is your repair policy?

Repairs are free within 30 days of purchase, after 30 days repairs are subject to a fee. You are responsible for shipping your item back to us.   We do not offer repairs on items purchased from outside the US.

How do I return an item for repair?

Step 1.  Prior to returning your item, email support@delialangan.com with a description and photograph of your damaged item so that we can more quickly determine if we can repair the item and the cost.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for an assessment of damage and price quote.

Step 2.  Once you have received a price quote from us, download, print and fill out all fields in the repair form below.


click to download repair form


Step 3. Package items AS YOU RECEIVED THEM. In a bubble mailer or box with the jewelry safely inside a box, wrapped securely around something. Jewelry sent in a paper envelope will get damaged in transit. We are not responsible for any returns lost or damaged in the mail.  If you're mailing a necklace you must securely wrap it around something, as we cannot untangle your jewelry for you. 

Step 4. In the package, include the repair form, and the cost of the repair in cash or check.  Checks should be made out to Delia Langan.  You may also pay via PayPal by sending the quoted amount to support@delialangan.com


Mail package to:

111 Kent Ave APT 4K
Brooklyn, NY

What happens next?

Please allow 3-6 weeks after payment is received for us to mail your repaired item to you.  We will email you with the total cost of your repair (including shipping overages).

How will I receive my repair?

PLEASE NOTE In order for us to most efficiently and quickly return your repaired jewelry to you, all repaired items will be shipped to you upon completion.  Shipping is $4 and will be included in the repair price.  Unfortunately since our workshop does not keep set hours we cannot accommodate pickup requests.

I live nearby, isn’t it just easier to come pick it up?

Nope!  This is basically a one to two woman show, and our day to day plans change frequently and often require us to be out of the space  While really I love seeing you guys, I absolutely cannot commit to meeting you at a specific time.  

Oh s*#t!  Things have been so busy that I totally forgot to mail the item and it's been over a month!  Should I still just mail the item?

If a significant amount of time has passed since the repair was discussed, it's always safer to reach out again on the same email chain with support@delialangan.com before mailing to give us a heads up that a package is coming.  Sometimes the best address to mail to has changed, and we'd hate for your item to get lost!

You're having a trunk show, will it be faster if I bring my items directly to you?

Nope, the above mentioned process is the fastest / only way to have an item repaired!  Please do not bring repairs to trunk shows.  We'd hate for your jewelry to get misplaced or further damaged, so the best way is always to mail to us!





Unfortunately we cannot accept single earring replacement requests.  Our earrings are made as matching pairs and cannot be purchased individually.  If you lose an earring, purchase a new pair and that way you'll always have a spare!


We cannot untangle knotted chains.  Knotted chains will be processed and charged as a chain replacement.  


If we didn't make it, we can't fix it.  Sorry!

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