Aquamarine : It's March's Birthstone!

Green Moss Aquamarine Earrings by Delia Langan Jewelry

Welp, we’re in luck again!  March’s birthstone is aquamarine, which has similar calming properties to February's birthstone, amethyst.  Aquamarine is said to be a stone of courage.  It has calming energies, reduces stress, and is especially helpful for sensitive people.  So this is the perfect stone for you if you have the Sunday-scaries, need help getting through these final weeks of winter, and/or are pooping your pants every time you turn on the news.

Aquamarine is probably my all time favorite stone because it comes in an amazing range of beautiful colors and translucencies.  While it is well known for its distinctive blue-green color, it also ranges from deep blue, to deep green, to less commonly found pinks and yellows.  The depth of color is influenced by the amount of iron found in the each gem's structure, and that is why the color varies so much.  My favorite less commonly known variety of aquamarine is called "moss aquamarine," which has a darker gorgeous, earthy blue or green color and is often confused with labradorite.

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