2020 Recap (The Good Parts!)

Happy 2021!  This year I needed to take a little longer break / breather from social media, but now I’m back!  Obviously 2020 was an absolutely exhausting year, but there were some highlights:

First, we celebrated DLJ's TENTH birthday in January!  Woohoo!

After that, I experimented with new jewelry making techniques and working with solid gold.  I designed a new line of statement rings and cartilage hoops that were very different than my usual delicate pieces. 

What I’m most proud of is our rebranding, which was long overdue.  I unsurprisingly took way too long to settle on colors and make a final decision, but I’m soooo happy with the fresh, clean new DLJ.

Usually in my New Years recap I write about my goals for the year, but frankly . . . I’m kind of tired from 2020.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Currently I’m focused on self-care, but soon I’m going to be setting up a new, second garage based studio upstate which should be super cool and hopefully inspiring. 

It’s definitely hard for me to be creative right now, as winter in Brooklyn during Covid is very claustrophobic, but January is always tough regardless because it's so dark all the time so I'm not beating myself up too much.  I’m hoping the new location in nature will help revitalize my creativity and inspire new designs!