Y Necklace - Prism

This necklace is unique and versatile. Worn with a solid or dark color the Prism Y Necklace is a statement piece, but with light colored or patterned top it is more discrete and adds subtle flashes of glittering gold to your outfit.

A hand cast brass spike pendant is suspended by a 14k gold filled chain that falls down to mid torso. The chain on this necklace is gorgeous – the gold filled chain contains flat mini sheets that allow the entire necklace to sparkle and reflect light.

Prism Y Necklace will arrive in a gift box.  View our other y shaped necklaces here

  • Measurements : Necklace is adjustable between 19" and 21", and the prism pendant falls 8" below.
  • Materials : Brass pendant, 14k gold filled.
  • Cleaning and care : Clean with a polishing cloth (we recommend Sunshine brand), or by swishing in warm soapy water and buffing with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Handmade in Brooklyn.

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