XL Different Strokes - Fringe Pendant


Our favorite layering necklace.  Hand forged strips fall from a sparkling chain. The effect is a beautiful fan-like shape that reflects light at any angle.

This necklace is made of high quality materials. We use 14k gold filled, rose gold filled, or sterling silver, which will not wear off after multiple wears.  Please note that it does not come with a clasp because the chain is long enough to slip over your head so why deal with a clasp falling down all the time.  If you prefer a clasp, contact us (but we promise you it's better without one!)

Necklace will arrive in a gift box. 

  • Measurements : 26"
  • Materials : 14k gold filled, rose gold filled, or sterling silver.
  • Cleaning and care : Necklace can be cleaned with a polishing cloth, or by swishing in warm soapy water and buffing with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Handmade in our studio / storefront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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