How To : Layer Necklaces of the Same Length

closeup of gold necklaces delia langan jewelry

DLJ is definitely made to layer.  Our necklaces are available in several different lengths, ranging from choker to long, which makes it easy to layer several necklaces at once.  Two, three or four necklaces of different lengths is what most people think of when it comes to layering, but there's so much more you can do! 

You know those outfits where one delicate necklace isn't quite enough, but longer necklaces just don't work?  This is where another layering technique comes in : layering multiple necklaces that are the same or a very similar length.

Layered gold choker necklaces by delia langan jewelryPictured above from top to bottom : Halo Collar, XL Scenic Route, and Crescent Collar. 

Layering several chokers and collarbone length necklaces at the same time is gorgeous and easy.  Our collarbone length necklaces are all available with extension chains so they can be set to different lengths.  In addition, the chain links are wide enough so that in a pinch you can clip the clasp directly onto the chain to make it even shorter. 

layered gold choker necklaces halo collars by delia langan jewelry

Another one of our favorite combinations is to layer multiples of the exact same necklace. Pictured above and below are three of our Halo Collars layered at once.  This exact-same-necklace layering technique can also be done with the necklaces mentioned above, since they're able to be worn at slightly different lengths.
 halo collar layered choker necklaces by delia langan jewelry

When choosing necklaces to pair together, a good general rule of thumb is to choose simple, clean lined pieces that fall gently in an arc rather than a pendant which comes to a point.  This way the necklaces frame your neckline in a graceful way that is cohesive and beautiful like the examples below :  

silver layered necklaces by delia langan jewelry

Pictured above : Halo Collar and Scenic Route Necklace 

gold layering necklaces by delia langan jewelry

Pictured above : Choker Wrap Necklace and Halo Collar

Voila!  It's pretty easy, and it gives you a *great* excuse to not have to choose between two necklaces that are very similar when you really want both.  To help you, we've put together a small collection of items we suggest to help you achieve this look.  Enjoy!

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