Avoiding Tangle City : how do you pack your jewelry for holiday travel?

The holidays are here, which means most of us will be traveling.  This means you've gotta pick which jewelry you want to pack, and pack it in a way that doesn't result in your jewelry coming out of your bag a tangled clump.

sad lady detangling jewelry

don't end up looking like her . . .

Here's how I pack my DLJ and how I keep it somewhat contained during my travels :

I always carry my jewelry on me - better safe than sorry!  I pack each piece individually in 2"x3" plastic baggies and store them in these clear poly string envelopes (you can find them on amazon or at a craft store...or Staples as a last resort).  I like packing jewelry in these poly envelopes because :

  1. They close and are easy to throw in your purse.
  2. You can see all of your jewelry.
  3. The envelope is fairly stiff so I have never experienced any damaged or bent jewelry.
  4. Tangling is *seriously* reduced.

 If you're a dork like me you may be temped to use these clear plastic envelopes as your wallet - don't.

delia langan

picture of jewelry packaged in an envelope so that it doesn't tangle during travel - how to safely transport delicate jewelry

In an ideal world this would be how you store your jewelry year round as well.  The sealed envelopes will prevent oxidization of your jewelry and if you live in a dirty-air-city like NYC it will help to keep it clean.

Because I roll so deep with my jewelry crew, things are obviously a mess when I unpack and that is annoying.  I find that a cup or a jar works great to hold my earrings, and (I'll even throw my makeup brushes in there too sometimes!)  I usually keep my necklaces in the baggies, but I always wonder if there's a better way...

hanging earrings from cups easy DIY at home solutions for jewelry storage or jewelry storage while on the road

How do you travel with your jewelry?  Have a better way? Please share!