January's Birthstone : Garnet!

garnet stilllife

My personal favorite stone (tied with aquamarine) is garnet, which is January's birthstone.  While my feelings for garnet are superficial (because it's absolutely beautiful), garnet has many other qualities to love. 

My favorite quality is that garnet is known to harness creative energy.  Since January in the Northeast is so depressing I'll need to wear a ton of it to help me get started on designs for the New Year.  It is also believed to be a powerful energizing and regenerative stone that balances, strengthens and protects.

garnet earrings by delia langan jewelry

Physically, garnet is said to help with circulation and healing.  Emotionally, it is said to help with physical relationships and love.  So . . . if your extremities are numb or frostbitten, you need a blizzard boyfriend, or just some friends to distract you from the cold, garnet is the stone for you!

So, for everyone who needs a pick me up during this  very dark month, view our entire garnet collection here : 


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