How DLJ is Giving Back During COVID-19 Outbreak (and how you can help)

In light of NYC public schools closing, where many food insecure and homeless students rely on their school for consistent meals, we will be donating 5% of all of our sales to Food Bank for NYC.

A small donation from everyone can make a huge difference - click the link below to donate on your own!


1.  Rather than order via Seamless, check to see if your local restaurants offer their own delivery services.  Restaurants are really struggling right now, so bypassing the large fees they incur from companies like Seamless and Grubhub helps them keep their own profits.

2.  If you have the means, continue to support small local businesses online that are hurting due to lost in-store sales.  Additionally, small online-only businesses will be competing with big retailers who have the funds to pour even more into online advertising to make up for their lost in-store sales.  Shopping small is as important as ever right now.

3.  In NYC, your local bodega is likely stocked with food and toilet paper right now - you don't need to buy everything from CVS and Amazon-owned Whole Foods.

4. If you have the means - gift cards!  Not getting your nails done right now?  Buy a gift card.  Purchasing a gift card to your favorite shop, theater or restaurant is an immediate way to put cash into the business.  Have a cleaning person who can no longer come by?  This is a very scary time for cleaning workers, see if there's a way you can get some cash to them while they aren't working for you.

Keeping all healthcare and frontline workers in my thoughts during this scary time.  Here's a photo of my dad in the hospital he works at in Philadelphia.  So thankful that he has access to appropriate PPE.