Behind The Photo Part II : Gaby & Delia

Photography is one of my favorite aspects of my job.  About 95% of the photos on my site were taken by me, from product shots to still-life to on-model.  On rare occasions I do outsource the work to other people, but only if it feels special and personal.  This is the second post of a series where I explain the origins of my photos, and the relationship between the model and the photographer.

PART II : Gaby & Delia

delia langan holding a camera and gaby yen

I met Gaby at a holiday trunk show back in 2017.  I was immediately struck by her beauty and how funny and nice she was.  We did our first shoot together at my apartment in 2018, and have done probably a dozen since, each one better than the last.  In the process, Gaby has become one of my close friends! 

delia langan jewelry gaby yen photos

Clockwise, our first shoot in 2018, August 2019, September 2020 and October 2021.

Gaby is my favorite person to photograph because she is inexhaustible and extremely positive.  Even when I get tired, she pushes me to do one more look.  She's creative and proactive when it comes to poses and styling.  Because we're such close friends, there's no awkwardness and it doesn't feel as much like work. Despite that, we've decided that a little liquid courage is helpful for both of us during any shoot!  We almost exclusively shoot outside, and even if we do shoot inside we only use natural light (I only use studio lighting for product shots).  I love Gaby and plan on having her as a model (and friend!) until we are old and gray!

delia langan photographing gaby yen

Since 2020, Gaby has transitioned her love of yoga as her full time job - so proud of her! If you're NYC based, you can find her schedule here:

Stay tuned for Volume III of behind the photographs, featuring Alyssa Redenti and Sarah Berman!