Best Places to Eat & Drink Outdoors in Williamsburg : Week 1 Cerveceria Havermeyer

Outdoor Seating at Cerveceria Havemeyer in Williamsburg Brooklyn

It’s summertime in BK!  Now that we’ve moved to Williamsburg and the weather is warm, we’ve been exploring the neighborhood around our shop and the best places to eat and / or drink outdoors.

Williamsburg is filled with hidden gems, and many of the restaurants in the area surrounding our storefront have seating out front as well as secret back patios.  For the next couple weeks we’ll keep you updated on our favorite places as we discover them.

First on our list is Cerveceria Havemeyer.  This is our favorite taco place out of the few that we've tried so far.  The restaurant has seating out front, $3.50 tacos, and best of all, a two-for-one happy hour.

I personally don’t love margaritas, but my intern Elena does. She’s a big fan of their happy hour margaritas (which is why she has a migrane right now).  Since I’m old AF, I prefer their mescal on the rocks, which is nice and smoky, and doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to die the next day.  They also make a great “Mescalita,” which I tried a sip of and have to say is pretty great.  Their guacamole and chips combo is great, and every taco we've had has been very good.

Great for post-work, day drinking, or watching people do wheelies after the Puerto Rican Day parade, we definitely recommend Cerveceria Havemeyer.  Just a heads up it's cash only.

Address: 149 Havemeyer St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211