Aquamarine! The Awesome Properties of March's Birthstone.

blue aquamarine gemstones delia langan jewelryaquamarine cascade earrings by delia langan jewelry

It's finally March, and aquamarine is March's birthstone!  Pale blue aquamarine is supposed to be the color of the winter sky giving way to spring, which we all desperately need to happen here on the East Coast.

Aquamarine is an incredibly beautiful stone with a lot of awesome properties.  It has calming energies, reduces stress, and is especially helpful for sensitive people. 

Aquamarine is believed to promote calmness and courage.  Feeling overwhelmed by work or life?  It can help you manage those feeling, organize your thoughts, and tackle the issue.  It's also a great stone for confrontation, as it gives courage and calmness and allows you to handle difficult situations with more grace. 

aquamarine gemstone earrings

In love, aquamarine can help people with different lifestyles live together harmoniously.  The stone can help to tone down the effects of sensitive issues that lead to disagreements between loved ones. 

To top it off, aquamarine is beautiful!  You can't get much better than that!  We've got tons of aquamarine here in our shop for you to see. 

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blue aquamarine gemstones delia langan jewelry

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