Why I'm Excited for Fall Fashion / This Whole Year

“Fashion’s yen for the ’70s is still going strong. The difference with this revival? Spring’s high-waisted flares, tablecloth prints, and big buttons look cool, not costumey, accented with clean, modern accessories." – Style.com

Fall 2015 Fashion Week is over, March magazines are out, and man am I excited.  For a lot of us, Fashion Week is kind of like reading your horoscope.  Sometimes you’re like “f this futuristic witchcraft diary," but sometimes you’re like, “That's so real!  I believe in Saturn!  I always knew the moon was on my side!”  I have the same feelings about Fashion Week.

This February the stars aligned with my armoire.  This is my passing window of opportunity to wear what I currently own and be on point for 2015.  Plus, I don’t feel guilty about my three year clog-buying-bender.  Boho milf is generally how I like to dress.  I constantly ask myself “What Would Nancy Botwin Do?” I've always felt that flares and bootcut jeans are the most flattering shape on women (when they fit and are paired with the right shoes).  And I enjoy a good summer shift dress over pants and wedges (it's my interpretation of a tunic).

In summary, the '70s are back in action for 2015.  Buy as many clogs as you can, buy a turtleneck, a shift dress, get some flares, and wear them all together at the same time.  If it hurts your soul to think about fall when you’re sitting in front of your space heater in early March, it’s ok, we’ve got you covered.  We have some new pieces as well as some DLJ classics that will be perfect for this 70s revival that we’re having.   These pieces will carry you from the Groundhog’s shadow, through spring and summer, until that partial rotation of the planet that will bring us back to fall.

Long, elegant hoops.

Flowy, long, romantic dresses are another favorite of mine from this season's Runway.  XL Teardrop Hoops are simple, elegant, and large.  They would look gorgeous paired with the patterned flowing chiffon and silk looks that were on the runway this February, and would look stunning for summer evening wear.  Also, these large would pair well with shearling or faux fur in the fall and winter (again with flares and clogs, duh.)


Chokers with everything.

While the 70s are in, 90s nostalgia is still going strong. Chokers were prevalent on the runway this season (Coach had some candy necklace situation going on), but since we’re going into spring we want to keep it light.  The Halo Collar is a timeless, elegant statement piece that will transition seamlessly from spring to fall.  It's perfect for high necklines or strong patterns that long layered pieces would get lost on.  I’m exited to wear this with my favorite bell sleeved white crocheted mini dress. And clogs.

delia langan jewelry halo collar 14k gold fill choker collar


My personal favorite : The Bolo Necklace.

The Bolo Necklace is a clean-lined modern design based off of a classic southwestern silhouette.  This necklace fits all of the aforementioned styles.  It would look gorgeous layered over the romantic, bohemian-chic gowns, worn as a choker, or layered over a dark solid color as a statement piece.  I can’t wait to wear it this spring and summer with a brightly printed tunic and flares.  For the fall, I picture the Bolo Necklace layered over a solid black turtleneck with a suede a-line skirt.


So, depending on where you live, spring WILL come someday (jk, Maine), and we can finally make that transition from moon-landing-themed-snowgear into the beautiful 70s.