Tips to be Thankful For :

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving.  Not only can we gorge ourselves on amazing food, but we also get to spend time with family giving thanks.  Obviously I am most thankful for the important things in life, but here are some new tips I've learned this year to make life a little better that I am very thankful for :

  • For all of these jewelry cleaning tips 
  • Learning that Aquaphor will prevent red wine mouth.  If you are beyond prevention, it may taste gross, but a makeup remover pad will get rid of stains (and yes I have rubbed it on my gums).
  • Speaking of red wine... I am thankful for "Yellow Tale Big Bold Red." It's a good, very affordable red wine
  • Nutraluxe Lash MD (a much less expensive alternative to Latisse) which gave me eyebrows.  Now I can leave the house without penciling them in!
  • For Saran Wrap as a way to wrap my jewelry to my display boards, saving at least two hours of set-up and take-down.
  • The Listings Project, for finding my jewelry studio.  Its a great resource for anyone looking for apartments or art studios in NYC.
  • Amy's burritos, for always coming through at meal time. 

I hope that you all enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and check back for DLJ’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.


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